For many looking for a virtual home assistant, the question becomes should you buy an Echo and if so which one? Those who like to watch, as well as listen, should take a front-row type look at the Echo Show. The Show enables you to watch video flash briefings, Amazon Video and YouTube content, and make video calls to family and friends. All on a 7 inch touch screen. You can see music lyrics, weather forecasts and your security cameras. Even create your own to-do and shopping lists. Navigation is easy by swiping left or right. The screen also recommends some commands for Alexa if you don’t know what to ask.

The 1024 x 600 screen is nearly identical to the one on the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. The text is legible but not as crisp as your smartphone or television. The touch screen enables you to adjust settings and brightness levels. You can change a lot of things without using the Alexa app or mobile device. In addition to the 7 inch screen the Show includes a 5 megapixel camera. The device has an angular design. Some find it a bit clunky and liken it to a triangle with two shaved points when you look at it from the side. Overall it measures 7 x 7.4 x 4 inches and has a square foot panel facing at an angle that is slightly upward.

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